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Freight and Transportation

Freight companies - cargo, distribution and haulage services.



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  • AB Plant Shipping

    Based in Colton Grange, Colton.
    Tel: 01603 881199
    Address: Colton Grange, Colton, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 5DG
  • Anglia Cargo International

    Based in Javelin Road, Norwich.
    Tel: 01603 414362 / 01603 414363
    Address: 1 Javelin Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 6HP
  • Anglis Cargo International

    Based in Javelin Road, Norwich.
    Tel: 01603 414362
    Address: 1 Javelin Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 6HP
  • Business Express

    Based in Vulcan Road South, Norwich.
    Tel: 01603 408222
    Address: Vulcan Rd South, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 6AG
  • City Link

    Based in Morgan Way, Bowthorpe Employment Area.
    Tel: 08700 007007
    Address: 37 Morgan Way, Bowthorpe Employment Area, Norwich, Norfolk, NR5 9JJ
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  • Clarks Direct

    Based in Shortthorn Road, Stratton Strawless.
    Tel: 01603 754174
    Address: Shortthorn Road, Stratton Strawless, Norwich, Norfolk, NR10 5NT
  • Eagle Transport

    Based in Heath Way, Blofield.
    Tel: 01603 712424
    Address: 23 Heath Way, Blofield, Norwich, Norfolk, NR13 4RS
  • Kiddell Transport

    Based in Recreation Road, Hethersett.
    Tel: 01603 810637
    Address: 2 Recreation Road, Hethersett, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 3EF
  • Paperless Parcel Services

    Based in Norwich Road, Lenwade.
    Tel: 01603 308961
    Address: Norwich Road, Lenwade, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 5SH
  • R D M

    Based in Santareen Road, Tharston.
    Tel: 01508 530115
    Address: Unit 3, Santareen Road, Tharston, Norwich, Norfolk, NR15 2NZ
  • Ranger Express Freight

    Based in Montcalm Road, Norwich.
    Tel: 01603 663389
    Address: 19 Montcalm Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 4HX
  • Regional Freight Services

    Based in Norwich Airport Business Centre, Norwich Airport Business Centre.
    Tel: 01603 414125
    Address: Regional House, Norwich Airport Business Centre, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 6ZW
  • Royal Mail

    Based in Thorpe Road, Norwich.
    Address: Norwich Mail Centre, 13-17 Thorpe Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 1AA
  • Royal Mail

    Based in Jarrold Way, Bowthorpe Employment Area.
    Tel: 01603 726040
    Address: 24 Jarrold Way, Bowthorpe Employment Area, Norwich, Norfolk, NR5 9JD
  • Taxi Van

    Based in Edward Street, Norwich.
    Address: Edward Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 3DD
  • Transporters Light Haulage

    Based in Arthurton Road, Spixworth.
    Tel: 01603 891073
    Address: 109 Arthurton Road, Spixworth, Norwich, Norfolk, NR10 3QX
  • UK Mail

    Based in Delta Close, Delta Close.
    Tel: 01603 400127
    Address: Unit 4, Delta Close, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 6BQ
  • UPS

    Based in Hurricane Way, Norwich.
    Tel: 01603 484603
    Address: 48 Hurricane Way, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 6JB
  • Walker Freight Services

    Based in Meteor Close, Norwich.
    Tel: 01603 407686
    Address: 1 Meteor Cl, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 6HQ
  • Walkers Snack Services

    Based in Way, Bowthorpe Employment Area.
    Tel: 01603 743740
    Address: Unit K/Jarrold Way, Bowthorpe Employment Area, Norwich, Norfolk, NR5 9JD
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    Freight Company Reviews

    Find out what people are saying about Norwich freight companies.

    • Fail - review of Royal Mail by D.Carr

      My SD parcel no BH705360866GB was tracked as leaving Gatwick sorting office last night, 25th Sept at 19.43 and has not been acknowledged as received by Norwich at all yet although it should... More »

    • Delivered to wrong address AGAIN - review of UPS by Tina Cooper

      Obviously the driver is unable to read. Two parcels sent to me using UPS, two parcels delivered to the wrong address and both parcels were correctly addressed.... More »

    • Right day, wrong door! - review of UPS by Aitch

      I was at home, my wife was at home, our dog was at home and the driver left the package outside the door of our neighbour's house. Furthermore, the name of that... More »

    • 3 letters sent at the same time are missing. Why? - review of Royal Mail by Cathy

      We post at least 10 items a day and always receive a certificate of posting. On Friday 1st April 3 letters went missing from the same batch. Why??... More »

    • A real person to speak to. - review of UPS by Mr M Arthurton

      I called them and spoke to a helpful female, she contacted the driver and I was then given an hour delivery slot, found this avery good service.... More »

    • Useless - review of UPS by Rob Jary

      Unable to say when you will get a delivery..cannot contact driver, failed to deliver on correct day. would not recommend. Very poor service... More »

    • A real person at the end of the phone - review of UPS by Sue

      A local telephone number to call, a real person on the other end who was so helpful when changing a parcel delivery date. On line did not work ,thank you UPS !... More »

    • Very Helpful - review of UPS by Linda Stone

      Spoke to Steve at Norwich office re delivery of an urgent package for my daughter. He was very helpful and I now have a very happy daughter. Thank you Steve.... More »

    • NO OPENING TIMES GIVEN - review of Royal Mail by RT

      I see someone raised the issue of no opening times posted back in 2008 Here I am in 2015 still searching! Clearly pointless adding an opinion!... More »

    • No Post for 4 Days - review of Royal Mail by William Doyle

      Can royal mail explain why their is no consistency in the post in Acle nr133qn. This week we have had no post for four days. Every week for the past year or... More »

    • Wrong house - review of Royal Mail by Anonymous

      Was waiting for a small gift that postman deliver .but he kept putting in the wrong address at the finish the honest man brought it round per harp the postman need to... More »

    • No service - review of Royal Mail by R wiley

      One lost registered letter 2nd registered letter not delivered on the day can you contact anyone no if you ran your own business like this it would go bankrupt... More »

    • Great service, efficient delivery, competative prices - review of Anglia Cargo International by Ms Elliott

      The headline says it all really.I was pleased with the efficiency, capability and follow through from this company and will be using them again.... More »

    • Royal Mail - review of Royal Mail by Susan L

      I am unable to find a phone number for the Royal Mail sorting office at Thorpe Road Norwich or the opening hours. I am a business user and wanted to know if I... More »

    • Going dizzy - review of Royal Mail by Van Gelovan

      Going round in circles getting no where. Does the Queen know what shoddy service her mail is receiving?... More »

    • Hopeless!! - review of Royal Mail by Martin

      Just sent round in circles, rang the national customer service line who couldnt help me. Gave me the number of the manager of Norwich delivery office. the number just rang and rang... More »

    • Website pointless - review of Royal Mail by Annoyed

      No opening times No contact information List of standard answers dont address problem 0845 automated numbers take you round in circles Service? What service?... More »

    • Yep! no one answers the phone! - review of Royal Mail by Gale

      I thought the other reviewers were just grumbling but they are quite right. It's a disgrace! I would have left my comment at that but was told it was too short - they obviously... More »

    • Why don't you answer the phone ????? - review of Royal Mail by Sharon

      Don't bother trying to call this number as no one bothers to answer it , not sure how you are to sort your postal problems out now !!!! Why don't they just change... More »

    • ANYONE THERE? - review of Royal Mail by Grumpy customer

      Be handy if you answered your phone, rang 3 times for 5 mins , nobody picked up......dohhhhhh!!!! Great!!!! then when i try to submit this it tells me its too short and to write... More »

    • Don't Bother!! - review of Royal Mail by Anonymous

      They have this contact number but no one ever bothers to answer it. Whats the point of having it? Just a complete waste of time!!!... More »

    • No post - review of Royal Mail by Michael

      Havent seen a post man in days and when i call the sorting office it just rings and rings .tryed royal mail after 45 minutes on hold i got told that there was... More »

    • Opening Hours - review of Royal Mail by Mike Smith

      I totally agree what a joke no opening hours displayed. Typical when an ex-minister is in charge. The quicker the private alternatives get efficient the better.... More »

    • Opening hours? - review of Royal Mail by J Shack

      Why bother to have a website that doesn't give you crucial information such as opening hours? There are virtually no direct phone numbers so trying to get this information is extremely time... More »

    • Disappointing: - review of Royal Mail by Tom

      I have always thought highly and respected the work that Royal Mail do for our community. BUT, when it comes to communication and proper information when one needs it, they lack the ability... More »

    • Franked Mail - review of Royal Mail by Emma

      Why on the royal mail website is there nothing about franked mail??? It's so fustrating I have been passed from pillar to post and still do not have the answer to my very simple... More »

    • Opening times - review of Royal Mail by Anonymous

      Why are there no opening times available anywhere on Royal Mail sites? This is very frustrating and there is no information available when you call them either, don't they have answer phone messages?... More »

    • Saletrackparcels.co.uk - review of City Link by Richard Fisher

      I agree - this service is by far better. My account manager always helps me with any questions, and they always get back to me quickly aswell!! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this... More »

    • Wrong URL - review of City Link by Peter

      The correct URL for this excellent service that I also use is www.SaleTrackParcels.co.uk I find their rate very good but most of all I find their online system a doddle to use with... More »

    • What a surprise - review of City Link by Sharman

      I am a business that uses couriers on a regular basis, they quoted me 10.35 for ten parcels a day. i then went to a different third party company who gave me an... More »

    • Well done Amtrak Mansfield - review of Amtrak Express Parcels by Linda

      I would like to say how pleased we have been with AMTRAK, Mansfield After reading the reviews I was relly concerned as we both work full-time and can only take a little time off... More »

    Map Showing Freight companies

    Map showing location of freight companies in Norwich.