About Norwich


In the past two decades Norwich, the regional administrative centre of Norfolk, has undergone a rapid transformation from a small primarily manufacturing-driven economy into a one of East Anglia's major regional cities with a high growth service-based economy. The city is home to a number of multinational comapanies, has its own university and even has its own international airport.

In recent years the pace of development in Norwich has attracted an influx of businesses, transforming its public face; now Norwich is a popular tourist destination, with attractions such as the Castle Museum and the town Forum (home of the city's central library) seeing refurbishment recently, as well old favourite tourist attractions like the Norlfolk Broads.

Perhaps Norwich's most important business-in-residence is Aviva, more commonly known as Norwich Union, which has provided a large section of the employment in the city in recent times, although other financial institutions and insurance companies have also added to this.

Given university status in the 60's, the University of East Anglia is set in 200 hectares of natural landscape and has some striking architecture, most notably its famous Ziggurats.

One of the city's most famous residents is also part-owner of Norwich's most prominent sporting establishments, the resident being TV chef Delia Smith and the sports club being Norwich City FC.

Delia became a national institution with her cooking shows throughout the 80's and 90's and has used the considerable fortune generated to become the majority shareholder in her favoutire team, thus saving the struggling club from administration and making herself a local hero in the process. The club itself had a brief spell in the Premiership last year, but found it hard going - Delia famously berated the fans for their lack of support over the ground PA - and were relegated on the last day of the season.